Our School

Greetings from HHS and HMS!

One of the cornerstones of all great schools is a laser focus on excellence. It is imperative that schools create opportunities for students to experience excellent instruction by well-trained, passionate teachers. Teachers who care deeply about their students well-being and developmental, social, academic and emotional growth. Great schools also engage the community and parents in a meaningful way that allows the schools to serve everyone and provides what they expect from their community educational institution. Therefore, as the educational leader of our school, I want to share with you some of my priorities to assure you that we take caring for your children seriously. We envision a pathway to success for each child in a personalized and individual manner to maximize their own tremendous potentials.

Access to Excellence

Our district mission clearly communicates that all of our students will strive for excellence, reach for excellence and be given opportunities for excellence. Excellence at Holton will manifest itself in the maximized efforts of our school personnel to serve our children to the best of our collective abilities through thorough teaching, individual caring interactions, communication with parents and our collaborative efforts rooted in community.

A Pathway for Everyone

Whether a student strives for a four year college experience, a two year community college degree or post-secondary employment straight out of high school, our teaching staff will ensure that they receive the skill sets, the collaborative consciousness and the determination and motivation to reach for their dreams and fulfill their aspirations. Regardless of which pathway a student chooses, college is an option for every student. Student success is our primary mission and so is developing a strong citizenry with exceptional emotional, moral and character driven assets that contribute to lifelong happiness. Traits of respect, kindness and caring are cornerstones of the Holton experience.

I hope this gives you a clear understanding of my philosophy of education. Please find a way to reach out to me to discuss any questions, concerns or issues you have about Holton Middle School and High School. I welcome your input and interaction as we together help ensure that Holton children are reaching for excellence and rooted in community. On Holton!

Don Hammond