District Re-Organizational Proposal

A town hall meeting has been scheduled for March 12, 2014 from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM in the high school library to learn more about the proposal presented to the Holton Board of Education by the administrative team to restructure and re-organize the District’s buildings. The effort is aimed at restructuring facilities and their usage so that resources can be allocated efficiently and effectively around students and their learning.


All students, staff, parents, families, and community members are invited to attend to learn more about this proposal. There will be lots of time for questions and answers regarding the proposal as well.


We look forward to seeing you there. A brief summary of the presentation that will be provided to the community is attached below for your review prior to the town hall meeting.


Over the past year, the District has partnered with GMB Architecture and Engineering to complete a comprehensive review and assessment of the facilities and infrastructure of Holton Public Schools. This was a service provided to the District by GMB Architecture and Engineering at no cost to the District. This facilities assessment serves as a foundational cornerstone of the re-organizational plan that the administrative team has proposed to the Board of Education.


While there are extensive infrastructure costs that loom before us, the District seeks to develop a plan that is fiscally responsible and does not require the immediate need to ask taxpayers for additional financial support to address issues and needs outlined within the facilities assessment. Right sizing the District to meet the needs of our current student enrollment, while leaving room for growth into the future, allows the District to begin to control operations costs so that resources can more closely be aligned to teaching and learning into the future.



After completing the facilities assessment and review, GMB Architecture and Engineering then prepared the following presentation that outlined potential solutions to reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency. It is important to note that all documents contained within the attached presentation represent possible “what if” scenarios only. These documents are to be used by the District to begin processing what a more efficient use of infrastructure and space may look like.


Areas of building maps that are highlighted red within the document represent areas of buildings that can be demolished to reduce square footage, thereby reducing operational expenditures. This also allows the District to re-allocate resources that would be required to replace aging roof structures, as well as other infrastructure items in those areas, resulting in cost savings over time. Areas of building maps that are highlighted in blue represent areas that currently do not exist, but that could be available as space to be added on in the future, if significantly increased enrollment dictated the need to do so. These areas would require the District to ask tax payers for financial support. The District does not desire to do so in the proposed plan. Areas of the building maps that are highlighted in orange represent current areas of buildings that are not currently being used as instructional space, but that could be renovated to use for instruction should the need arise.


Also, please note that room assignments on each of the building maps are for representative purposes only, and do not represent exact space that any individual grade level or department may occupy should the District move forward with a plan to re-organize the school district. This document is for planning purposes only, and does not represent any finalized arrangement of District grade levels and facilities.



Additional Supporting Documents:

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