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High School Course Guide

Course Guide 2017-2018

Graduation Requirements

Based on requirements from the State of Michigan, Holton High has the following graduation requirements:

4 English

4 Mathematics

            Must include Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and a math class in 12th grade.

3 Science

            Must include 1 credit each in Biology and either Chemistry or Physics, plus

            one year of any other science.

3 Social Studies

            Must include 1 credit in each World History & US History; plus .5 credit each

            in Civics and Economics.

2 World Language

            2 years of one language other than English. The 2nd year may be replaced

            by and additional year of Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts.

1 Physical Education

            Includes 2 semesters of activity/PE classes. Marching Band or a Varsity Sport may be

            substituted for .5 per successfully completed season.

.5 Health

1 Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts

            Includes Art, Music, Technology

*All classes not listed above count as electives toward the 22 credits required for graduation.  

 CTC courses may be substituted for various classes. Please see that chart in appendix A of the Course Guide.


          All students must take:

           Michigan’s State Achievement Test (M-Step)

           The SAT (or the ACT)

           The Work Keys Assessment.

           These are given in the 11th grade.

 Students complete the State's online requirement within their core classes

22 Credits total, with 8 semesters of attendance