Career Cruising & EDPs

Career Cruising

Career Cruising is a self-exploration and planning program that helps people of all ages achieve their potential in school, career and life. Users learn about themselves—their interests, skills, preferences and aspirations—so they can explore the opportunities right for them.

Student Login Instructions:

1.  To access Career Cruising and your EDP, go to

2.  Your Username is the prefix `MAISD-` followed by your student ID (e.g. MAISD-123456

3. Your Password is your birth date (mmddyyyy) (e.g. August 25th, 1997 = 08251997)

4. After your first login, you will be required to select a new password.

5. Please add an email address to your Profile so that you can take advantage of the 'Forgot Username/Password' feature.