Early College

Early College of muskegon county (ECMC)

To be eligible, Early College students should have good attendance and a GPA between 2.5-3.5.

The program takes place during the 11th, 12th & 13th years of a student's high school career. Students must apply before March of their 10th grade year.


Early College Muskegon County (ECMC) is a program that allows selected students to extend high school by one year in order to earn both their high school diploma and up to 62 college credits from Muskegon Community College (MCC) at no cost to the student.  For more details, see the Early College Muskegon County brochure , and the Early College Student/Parent Information Powerpoint Presentation (PDF).


The program is designed for students who will be the first from their families to attend college or students who need extra support to continue their education. Students served by the program may not have the financial resources to attend college, may reside in single-parent households, be homeless, or be part of other underrepresented groups. Selection is also based on GPA, progress toward high school graduation, and test scores.


For current high school Freshmen: New for Fall 2016: The Accelerated Technical Institute (ATI).

ATI offers students the opportunity to embark on a guided pathway program that combines HS classes, CTC coursework and MCC college classes – leading to an associate’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Students will begin taking college classes in 10th grade (College Success Seminar), and if they do well – will matriculate into the Early College and CTC programs.