Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships & Grants

Most scholarships are designed for those in their senior year of high school. Start early on your search so you can locate those for which you meet the eligibility requirements. They take some time and effort to find, complete, and submit, but it's well worth the effort! 

You should also plan on completing the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) every year that the student is in college. These links will provide more information on the FAFSA and to help you find ways to pay for college.  and    State aid awards are based on the first college listed on the FAFSA.

The Muskegon PROMISE Scholarship  

The Promise Scholarship is available to graduates of Holton High School, who have a 3.5 GPA or above and who enroll at MCC or Baker. It covers a 2 year degree at either of those colleges.  You must complete the FAFSA, and you should still apply for scholarships for which you are eligible.

Available Scholarships & Grants

The following links might be helpful in getting you started with other scholarships & grants (scroll down for local scholarships):

General Information:

The U.S. Department of Labor’s FREE scholarship search tool

See Ms. Igl's College Adviser Page for other links & information

Local & Other Scholarships (& their usual due dates):

You should also check the bulletin board outside of Mrs. Wolfe's office frequently for new information and applications.

Please read the eligibility and application instructions on the website carefully before applying.

There are many scholarships available for students who will attend Muskegon Community College next year. You should check out their scholarship pages at (those have various deadlines) and (these are due by March 1st).

Due in October:

Coca-Cola Scholarship - October 31, 2016 (1400 Awards - $20,000)

Carid Scholarship - October 31, 2016 (2 Awards - $1,000) 

Horatio Alger Scholarship - October 25, 2016 (106 Awards - $25,000)

Due in November:

Caption Scholarship - Nov 30, 2016 $500, 2.5 GPA

Due in December:
10 Words or Less - Dec 1, 2016, $500

Due in January:

Ronald McDonald House

SAE Engineering

Due in February:‚Äč

University Club of Grand Rapids - Feb 1, $1000, 3.0 +, resident of Muskegon County

Circle Michigan - Feb 15, $1000, MI school, Hospitality & Tourism Program

MEA (Michigan Education Association) - Feb 23, $500, Dependent of MEA member (or retired member)

Community Choice

 Service 1 Federal Credit Union

Gerber Foundation

Buick Achievers 

Due in March:

Cameron Beattie

Women's Division Chamber of Commerce - March 10, multiple $1000 scholarships for Muskegon County students who will be attending MCC or Baker full time in 2017-2018

Community Foundation of Muskegon County - Main app

Community Foundation of Muskegon County - specific scholarships for certain groups of students (you should look through the list because there aren't a lot of applicants for these!)

Fremont Area Community Foundation - 2 scholarships for Holton students (Gerber 4H & Zerlaut)

Due in April:

Signet Classics Student Scholarships - This year's essay contest is on the book 'Little Women'

Fred & Lena Meijer - For team members or the child of a team member, who have 1+ years of service


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Gerber Federal Credit Union  - must be a member of the Gerber FCU

Due in May:

Disability Attorneys

Due in June:

Global Lift Equipment

Aspiring Animation

Aspiring Nurses