Course Book Description

Pre-requisite: Algebra I
1 credit
Graduation requirement

Geometry is the study of visual patterns in two and three dimensions.  This course will stress reading, drawing, and visualization.  Strong attention is given to measurement, formulas, coordinate geometry, congruence, similarity, adn transformations.  A carefully sequenced development of logic and proof writing is emphasized.  An introduction to trianglular and circular trigonometry is included.  Algebra skills are essential.  It is trongly recommended that students have a scientific calculator.


15%  Assignments
  5%  Notebook
10%  5-Minute Quzzes/Warm-Ups
50%  Assessments (tests and quizzes)
20%  Final Exam (comprehensive)


What is required to earn credit for an assignment.

  1. Take credit for your work.
    (name, section, problem #s, hour, date)
  2. Write out each problem.
    (except story problems)
  3. Show your steps.
  4. Work down, not left-to-right.
  5. Be neat. (readable for the teacher)
  6. Don't leave blank problems.  At least jot down a question about what you don't understand.  IDK is not enough.
  7. Grade it.  (write 100% if you've earned it)