Elementary Mathematics Curriculum

Mathematics Scope and Sequence Document


The Scope and Sequence document for the Saxon Math program at Holton Elementary School is intended to serve as a guide to assist school stakeholders in reviewing the progression of mathematical topics throughout the mathematics curriculum. Topics within the mathematics curriculum are grouped into nine (9) strands:


1.      Numbers and Operations

2.      Measurement

3.      Geometry

4.      Patterns, Algebra, and Functions

5.      Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability

6.      Problem Solving

7.      Communication

8.      Mathematical Reasoning

9.      Connections


Please click the link below to access the Scope and Sequence document for the mathematics program at Holton Elementary School.


Common Core State Standard (CCSS) Correlation Documents


The mathematics philosophy of Holton Elementary School and the Saxon Math program, stresses that incremental and integrated instruction, with the opportunity to practice and internalize concepts leads to a strong and successful mathematics understanding. The correlation documents to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) below address each standard, and are divided into three sections: Meetings, Lessons (New concepts, Lesson practice, Handwriting practice, and Oral assessments), and Other (Math center activities, Test taking strategies practice, and Extend and challenge activities). Click the grade level below to access these correlation documents by grade level.



Theoretical and Empirical Research Supporting Saxon Math


Click on the link below to access the theoretical and empirical research evidence which supports Saxon Math’s effectiveness.