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COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan 9-11-20

COVID-19 Dashboard


Reconfirmation Documents

Holton Public Schools Extended COVID-19 Learning Reconfirmation Meeting - October


District COVID-19 Communications

COVID-19 Notificaton Letter - 11-20-20

COVID-19 Notification Letter - 11-12-20

COVID-19 Notification Letter - 11-11-20

COVID-19 Notification Letter - 10-27-20

COVID-19 Notification Letter - 10-26-20

COVID-19 Notification Letter - 10-23-20

COVID-19 Notification Letter - 10-11-20

Community COVID-19 Update - 6-1-20

Community COVID-19 Update 5-15-20

COVID -19 Continued Learning Plan - Community Communication 4-15-20

Letter for Parents of Students Receiving Special Education Services 4-15-20

Continuity of Learning Plan 4-15-20

Video Update 4-3-20

Community COVID-19 Update 4-3-20

Muskegon and Oceana County Meal Listing 3-30-20

Community COVID-19 Update  3-24-20

COVID-19 School Closure Community Letter 3-13-20

Community COVID-19 Update 3-11-20


COVID-19 Hotlines and Resources

For answers to your COVID-19 questions, please call the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 Hotline at 888-535-6136 or visit

Call 2-1-1 for COVID test locations or see this website for more information.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Fact Sheet

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Frequently Asked Questions

Additional updates can be found at the MDHHS COVID-19 

Public Health-Muskegon County
COVID-19 Back-to-School Parent Toolkit

Public Health-Muskegon County
COVID-19 Back-to-School Student Checker 

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
COVID-19 videos