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Know Your Schools


Know Your Schools is a school newsletter that is published on a quarterly basis to keep the school and community stakeholders of Holton Public Schools informed of the happenings throughout the school year. All residents within the 49425 and 49457 zip codes, respectively, receive a mailed copy of this newsletter published by Holton Public Schools. If you would like to request to be added to the mailing list so that you receive a copy of our quarterly newsletter, please contact the District Services Office by calling (231) 821-1700. We hope that you enjoy each issue of the Know Your Schools newsletter, and we look forward to being able to share all that is positive about the educational experience that Holton Public Schools provides for its students. Archived editions of the Know Your Schools newsletter can be accessed below:



                2018 - 2019 SCHOOL YEAR

                               August 2018

                               November 2018  

                               March 2019 


                2017 - 2018 SCHOOL YEAR 

                              August 2017

                              November 2017

                              March 2018 

                              June 2018