My Story

Welcome to Holton Public Schools!

This is an outstanding school system that has served the residents of the district for over 100 years. I am proud to have returned to Holton Public Schools after graduating from here in 1999. My time at Holton granted me many opportunities and formed a solid foundation that helped me further my education. After graduation from Holton High School, I completed my undergraduate studies at Central Michigan University. During my time at CMU I developed a love and passion for connecting students to service opportunities in their local, national and global communities. This passion launched me into the field of education. I started my career as an 8th Grade Social Studies teacher at Fennville Middle School. While there, I coached cross country, track, and wrestling, advised student groups, and became actively involved in school improvement. In 2008, I completed my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Michigan State University. My MSU program taught me how to implement positive school reform and the importance of a school system to make continuous efforts to improve. My family and I returned to the area and I served as the Secondary Principal here for five years. I completed my doctoral studies at Central Michigan University in 2020 earning a Doctorate in Educational Leadership where I researched student mental health and teacher training. To return to Holton as Superintendent is very exciting for me and I hope to grow the positive educational efforts that are happening at Holton Public Schools.           

One of the most important elements to growing a positive school system is engaging everyone in the process. Families, students, staff, administrators, and community members are all instrumental in making our school system the best. I want to ensure communication between myself and each of you is clear and you understand my belief system regarding education. Here are a few of my key beliefs regarding education:

  • Every student can learn. Together we must ensure that students are able to access the curriculum. Our efforts must establish a safe environment for learning, that our students’ fundamental needs (fed, housed, loved and healthy) are being met and that each of us are encouraging and challenging our students to reach their potential.
  • Education grows opportunity, active citizens and critical thinkers that fulfill the responsibilities of citizenship with respect, patriotism and cooperation to positively impact the world. The school must connect students with opportunities to develop relationships, work cooperatively, take on leadership roles, volunteer, solve problems, participate in activities for self discovery, use and understand technology, and establish ownership of the nation’s core values including equality, responsibility and patriotism. I believe this can only be achieved through community partnerships and strong support from all of you.
  • Post-secondary education is accessible for all. Education continues to be one of the surest ways to increase opportunities. We no longer live in a world where a high school diploma is enough education. This requires the K-12 school system to do better at preparing students for postsecondary education options. Our conversations about what happens after high school graduation must be happening regularly and long before graduation day. At Holton Public Schools we will be striving to prepare our students for any post-secondary endeavor they choose whether that may be a college degree, a vocational certificate, or work-based apprenticeships. As we continue to focus on preparing our students for postsecondary education we must include discussions about how to pay for it.  As college tuition rates continue to rise, financial limits can be difficult barriers to accessing postsecondary opportunities. In partnership with the Muskegon Promise, eligible Holton students can receive two years of college at Muskegon Community College or Baker College of Muskegon. In addition, our college advising team will support all students to find a path the best suites their skills and interests.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss ideas and concerns you have regarding Holton Public Schools. I present to you an opportunity to join me in making Holton Public Schools the BEST institution of education in our county. There are many great things happening at Holton Public Schools. I am proud of my Red Devil heritage and honored to help bring continued success to this amazing community.

On Holton!

Dr. Adam Bayne


Phone: 231-821-1700