College Applications


To apply to a college, you can go directly to that school's website and look for an application (tip: check the admissions portion of the website).

Some schools are included in the Common App, which is one application that you can submit to multiple colleges. Included on the Common App are Michigan State, University of Michigan, Hope College, Olivet College, Kalamazoo College, Albion College, and many others. 

Some colleges may ask for an application fee, see your college adviser for a fee waiver. 

To complete applications you will likely need: a well written essay, competitive GPA, a list of your extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation.


After you apply to a college, make sure to send them your transcript. You can request that your transcript be sent using Parchment

SAT/ACT Scores:

While some schools will accept the score listed on your transcript, some may want the score to be sent directly from the testing agency. Login into your College Board account to send your SAT score. See Shianne Warner to get a fee waiver for score sends. 

You can also retake the SAT or ACT. See your College Adviser for more information and fee waivers. Not only can a higher test score help you get into a college, it can also help you earn more scholarship money.