Michigan Merit Curriculum

To prepare Michigan’s students with the knowledge and skills needed for the jobs in the 21st Century, the State of Michigan has enacted a rigorous set of statewide graduation requirements that are among the best in the nation. It is the hope that with these new graduation requirements, students will be well-prepared for future success in college and the workplace. The Michigan Merit Curriculum requires students entering 8th grade in 2006, to obtain a minimum of 16 credits for graduation, which could be met using alternative instructional delivery methods such as alternative course work, humanities course sequences, career and technology courses, industrial technology or vocational education courses, or through a combination of these programs. In addition, students entering the 3rd grade in 2006 (Class of 2016) will need to complete two credits of a language other than English in grades 9-12; or an equivalent learning experience in grades K-12 prior to graduation.

Graduation Requirements for High School Students

Michigan Merit Curriculum – High School Graduation Requirements

Michigan Merit Curriculum One Sheet

Guide for Parents - Michigan's High School Graduation Requirements

Social Emotional Learning

What is Social Emotional Learning and why does it matter?

At Holton Middle and High School, we use the Navigate 360 curriculum for teaching social skills, the 5 core SEL competencies, and to build a stronger school community.