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The State of Michigan, under Section 21f of the State School Aid Act, has recently enacted the opportunity for parents to request that their student(s), in grades 5-12, be enrolled in no more than two (2) online courses in place of a currently scheduled course. Holton Public Schools continues to support online learning, and as a school district, we continue to take pride in the innovative uses of technology that are employed by our highly qualified teaching staff to support students and their learning. This is evident by the Board of Education’s recent adoption of a one - to - one computer initiative at Holton High School, along with various other integrated technology supports in grades K-12. We are poised well to assist students in meeting the unique individual needs of each child that attends Holton Public Schools.

However, having said this, we encourage parents to carefully consider whether an online course is ideal for their child. In doing so, it is important to understand that your student will likely forfeit having a face-to-face interaction with a teacher, and that the classroom instruction and support provided to your child will likely be through an electronic means. The Section 21f option will be available for students at Holton Public Schools; however, parents should carefully consider the unique qualities of their child when deciding whether an online class is right for them. Parents and students should consider the documents outlined within this webpage carefully before deciding upon the enrollment within any online learning course. This will ensure that the learning needs of the student will adhere to the criteria for success in an online learning environment. The following documents are provided for your review, or you may contact your child’s school for more information.

 Click on the link below to access the Michigan Online Course Catalog.

Michigan Online Course Catalog

Online Learning Course Documents:

Please review the documents below for more information regarding our application process to participate in online learning courses, our online learning contract, as well as an online learning course readiness rubric and a parent’s guide to online learning. Please contact your child’s guidance counselor or building principal for more information.

Letter to Parents - Section 21f

Parent's Guide to Online Learning

Online Learning Course Readiness Rubric

Application for Online Learning - Section 21f

Online Learning Course Contract - Section 21f

What is the Process for Enrolling in an Online Learning Course?

First, there are several resources and tools available to assist in making the decision as to whether online learning is right for you or your student. These resources, such as the Parent’s Guide to Online Learning and the Online Learning Course Readiness Rubric are provided above and should be thoroughly reviewed. Then, please be sure to meet with your student’s school guidance counselor to determine whether an online course is the best decision for your student.


Once you decide that an online course is right for you, please visit the course catalog that is referenced above to select the course that you are interested in. Once you have done this, you must meet with your school guidance counselor, complete the Application for Online Learning above, and then sign the Online Learning Course Contract above. You will be notified by your school guidance counselor or building principal of acceptance or denial into the course(s) for which you have selected.

Online Learning Course Denial:

Holton Public Schools reserves the right to deny students enrollment in an online learning course(s) for any one of the following reasons. If you or your student is denied enrollment in an online learning course, the school will provide written documentation explaining the rationale for the denial. An appeal of denial in an online learning course may be submitted in writing to the Superintendent of the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District.

  1. Course Lacks Quality and Rigor – If the course selected by the student is found to be of insufficient rigor, the school will make a reasonable effort to assist the student in finding an alternative online course in the same or similar subject. Failure to find such as course will result in the student’s online learning course application being denied.
  2. Not Ready / Previous Failure – If a student does not possess the prerequisite knowledge and skills to be successful in an online learning course, or has demonstrated failure in previous online learning coursework, the online learning course application may be denied.
  3. Inconsistent with Goals – If an online learning course is found to be inconsistent with the remaining graduation requirements or career interests of the student, the online learning course application may be denied.
  4. Previous Credit – If the student has previously gained the academic credit provided from the completion of the online learning course, the online learning course application may be denied.
  5. No Credit – If an online course is not capable of generating academic course credit, the online learning course application may be denied.
  6. Cost – Schools are not required to pay more than 1/12th of the District’s foundation allowance or per pupil payment for a semester course, or more than 1/18th of the District’s foundation allowance or per pupil payment for a trimester course.

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