Academic Information

Academic Information

High School Course Guide

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Graduation Requirements

Holton High School's graduation requirements are based on the State of Michigan guidelines.  Students are required to have a minimum of 22 total credit hours and 8 semesters of attendance.  Required credits include the following:

4 English Credits

4 Mathematics Credits

  • Must include Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and a math class in 12th grade.

3 Science Credits

  • Must include 1 credit each in Biology, Chemistry/Physics, plus one year of another science.

3 Social Studies Credits

  • Must include 1 credit in each World History & US History; plus .5 credit each in Civics and Economics.

2 World Language Credits

  • 2 years of one language other than English. The 2nd year may be replaced by and additional year of Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts.

1 Physical Education

  • Includes 2 semesters of activity/PE classes. Marching Band or a Varsity Sport may be substituted for .5 per successfully completed season.

.5 Health

1 Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts

  • Includes Art, Music, Technology

Additional Information:

All classes not listed above count as electives toward the 22 credits required for graduation.  

CTC courses may be substituted for various classes. Please see that chart in the Course Guide.

In addition, 11th Grade students must take:

  • Michigan’s State Achievement Test (M-Step)
  • SAT
  • Work Keys Assessment