CTC - Career Tech Center

CTC - Career Tech Center

The Muskegon Area Career Tech Center (MACTC) offers 16 different classes to local high school juniors and seniors from schools in the Muskegon area. Holton High School students attend classes Monday through Friday for afternoon sessions that are 2.5 hours long. Students spend approximately one half of their day at the MACTC and one half at Holton.  

Enrollment in CTC programs is coordinated by the School Counselor.  Students will attend a CTC tour in 9th grade and an informational meeting with a CTC representative to learn about the different programs in 10th grade.  Also in 10th grade, there will be a classroom presentation where students will complete a SURVEY showing their interest in attending and/or program(s) of choice. 

Students are encouraged to refer to their Xello results to determine their career goals, interests, and abilities. This helps match students with programs that will provide them the greatest chance for success.

Upon acceptance into a program, there will be a final meeting informing you about the specific details, i.e. when to eat lunch, how to catch the bus, etc.  You and your parents will also need to sign a CTC - Holton Contract stating that you understand the expectations. 

Please visit this site, if you would like to know more about the individual CTC Programs.